Trying to fit in to the perfect space…

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I’m not a problem to be solved

The pieces of my puzzle aren’t for you to try and fit

To figure out to make a picture that you like

-Don’t tell me what goes where and what comes next-

I will find my own way.

It will be different from your way

-different not bad not wrong-

I’m comfortable here

In this space where I am this person I am

In spite of the questions, the doubts and the fears.

Don’t tell me to move, it’s the wrong place to be

Spare me your worried brow your heavy sighs

Your muttered prayers.

You can’t see what I see in my head in my heart

Don’t hear what I think when I lie in the dark.

You’ll never be me never know what it’s like

I’m not in a bad place I don’t need a rescue.

I’m swimming and seeking and keeping my head up

My north star is mine its not yours it will guide me.

I may end up somewhere you would never have guessed

So just leave me be let me go save your breath.

I don’t need your books or your words or your help

I’m finding my way in spite of myself.

*Um, so I haven’t written a poem since probably like high school.  I’m in the midst of a really frustrating week with a person in my life and this just kind of came out.  It may be total crap so I apologize in advance.