I have been trying to be very intentional about noticing the amazing moments of joy and beauty and happiness in my day.  I think our human nature waits for those big, exciting things–getting engaged or married, having kids, going on a big exciting trip…we get focused on those, waiting and wishing and hoping for them to happen but those things are few and far between.  This doesn’t diminish them, but I think we miss so much if we aren’t noticing the every day things that make being alive so amazing.  I’ve come to the conclusion that our lives are mostly in the middle somewhere–neither incredibly amazing nor terrible–but that doesn’t mean we can’t find life and joy and happiness in those plateaus between the occasional highs and lows we may experience.  

The bright crescent moon playing hide and seek with Maxfield Parrish clouds.

Driving down the highway with no traffic and bright blue skies and a string of great songs on the radio.

Getting together with family for pizza and cake to celebrate birthdays.

Watching Arrested Development with Bill and laughing so hard i can’t really breathe.

Xavier’s buddy Gregory falling asleep next to us at family movie night. 

Taking my daughter out for her first attempts at running together.

All of these things make me feel alive inside…these are just a few things that popped into my mind at this moment.  A glass of water can be filled with a big gush or a few drips at a time.  If we can open our eyes to really see them, we can find these little gems in our days.  Days that may seem to run together with their routines and sameness, but are nonetheless full of moments that are life-giving.